Facts You Didn’t Know About Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is an American grunge band. The members got together in 1990. Bands members are Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready and Matt Cameron, who joined the band in 1998. Ament and Gossard formed Pearl Jam. The band achieved major success with their first debut album “Ten”. Pearl Jam has lasted all this time and don’t plan to stop. With their upcoming , they obviously aren’t planning to settle down. People just love their music.
Below are some facts about Pearl Jam that you probably didn’t know. Read them. They are pretty cool:

1. 30 million records sold in the united states
2. The most popular band of the 1990s
3. Their first album Ten was on the charts for more than 2 years went 12 times platinum!
4. Pearl Jam doesn’t like to make music videos because they want to be remembered for their music and not by the video
5. Is one of the oldest grunge bands.
6. On Saturday Night Live, Eddie Vedder pulled back his jacket to reveal a K for his friend Kurt Cobain
7. Members of Pearl Jam was featured in the movie “Singles”as members of Matt Dillon’s Band
8. “Ten” went platinum 12 times

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