What Are the Members of Pearl Jam Up To

Pearl Jam is one of the best bands of our time. One of the pioneers of grunge music, Pearl Jam has helped to shape the current music scene in ways beyond imagination. So what is Pearl Jam up to these days?

Eddie Vedder, the front man for Pearl Jam, is married to model Jill McCormick and has two daughters. He still performs with Pearl Jam and is also heavily involved in contributing to other artists albums.

Jeff Ament is the bass player and one of the founding members of Pearl Jam. He just released a CD called Three Mountains with a band called Tres Mountains.

Stone Gossard, also a founding member of Pearl Jam and the rhythm guitar player, is the owner to Studio Litho, a very prestigious recording studio in Seattle catering to bands like Soundgarden, Deftones and, of course, Pearl Jam.

Mike McCready plays lead guitar and is the other founding member of Pearl Jam. He is also part of Tres Mountains and, having been diagnosed with Crohns Disease at 21, works to raise awareness for the disease.

Matt Cameron, the drummer and “new guy,” having only been a member since 1998, is also the drummer for Soundgarden.

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