Your Favorite Pearl Jam Movie Music

Pearl Jam is a band of the ages, the greatest Rock group of the last half century, some say. Their songs lend themselves beautifully to movie soundtracks and they’ve graced quite a few. If you’ve got directv deals at your house watch for the Jam in the background of some of these classics:
Into the Wild: Perhaps the MOST influenced by Pearl Jam, this film featuring Twilight’s Kristin Stewart can thank its melancholy, coming of age vibe from the sounds of Pearl. The band performed just about every song on the soundtrack which is nearly unprecedented.
I Am Sam: This Dakota Fanning/Sean Penn classic has one of the most unique soundtracks of the last decade and it’s all about covers. Pearl Jam covered The Beatles “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” and did a great job doing it.
Big Fish: This cult classic features Man of the Hour, one of the most underrated songs of the Pearl Jam band has put out. It’s a great film with a really atmospheric soundtrack and Pearl Jam plays a big part.

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