Most Well Known Pearl Jam songs

When it comes to music groups Pearl Jam is considered by many to be one the greatest of all time. This Seattle Grunge group features songs that contain deep lyrics with a trance like sound of soulful rock. The guitar solos in some songs are by any measure phenomenal. With so many fantastic songs narrowing down the best is a difficult but worthy task. Here are the top five most well-known;

Jeremy- This controversial song about an abused boy that commits suicide in front of his entire class is a very beloved Pearl Jam song, but would not be funded by the group’s record label. It has been a fan favorite since its music video’s release in 1992

Better Man- Better Man was written when front runner Eddie Vedder was just 18 years old and with heartfelt lyrics and soothing sound it is easily considered one of the groups best songs.

Daughter- A very inspirational, but sad song about a girl with disabilities. This moving tune became Pearl Jam’s first song to crack the top 40.

Alive- The music for alive was written by guitarist Stone Gossard and was handed around by Gossard in hopes of finding a singer for this brilliant music. Once Eddie Vedder got his hands on it and turned into a story of a boy that finds out his father is not his biological father, Pearl Jam was born.

Black- This emotionally charged song has lyrics that are nothing less than a work of art. Even the least of the Pearl Jam fans can’t escape the brilliance of this tale of love and loss.

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