Who Were The Past Members of Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam has been around since 1990 and are a five piece band, so, as you might expect, there are several members who have come and gone in the past in the band’s nearly thirty-year history. Funny enough, they’re all drummers.

Jack Irons was a Pearl Jam drummer and is responsible for introducing guitarist Stone Gossard to singer Eddie Vedder. Later, after drummer Dave Abbruzzese was fired, Irons joined the band as their official drummer. He appeared on the Pearl Jam album, Vitalogy. Irons left the band in 1998, after tiring of touring.

As far as Abbruzzese is concerned, he was lucky enough to join Pearl Jam just before the release of Pearl Jam’s first album, Ten. He played with them on the Ten tours and appeared on the albums Vs. and Vitalogy. He had replaced their previous touring drummer, Matt Chamberlin.

Chamberlin briefly toured with Pearl Jam just before Ten was released. He had been offered a permanent position with the band but had to decline because he was burned out from nearly four years of touring with a previous band. Matt Chamberlin replaced original drummer, Dave Krusen.

When Krusen joined Pearl Jam in 1990, Stone Gossard’s previous band, Mother Love Bone had just broken up. He appeared on the debut album, Ten.

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